Leelanau UnCaged

2018 Musical Performers


2018 musical performers

Check out the bands, musicians, and performers coming into Northport for UnCaged 2018!


Denise Davis and the Motor City Sensations

Denise Davis and The Motor City Sensations are comprised of some of the best musicians and singers around. Denise Davis formerly known as Leilani began June 2010 with three vocalists eager to display the harmonic sounds of R & B, Jazz and Gospel music.

 (Photo by Marcia Ledford,  U-M Photo Services )

(Photo by Marcia Ledford, U-M Photo Services)

Treetown Swingtet

A 4-person string band from Ann Arbor performing swing and jazz music.


Soul Patch

Soul Patch is a Traverse City, MI-based band with music as versatile as its members. Together they hold a masters in groove. Individually they infuse styles from several backgrounds including, world beat, jazz, reggae, bluegrass, funk, surf, rockabilly, ska, blues, and straight-up rock n’ roll.



organissimo formed in November of 2000 with the goal of bringing jazz back to the people. organissimo's sound is instantly identifiable yet constantly evolving, infusing elements of funk, gospel, blues, progressive rock, and Latin rhythms into a solid foundation of jazz. Shifting meters, deep grooves, melodic finesse and tight ensemble interplay are hallmarks of the organissimo sound.

Drew Abbott Band / Blues rock
Olivia Millershin // Alternative Pop
Jeff Haas Quartet // Jazz
Fresh Fossils // Oldies
Little Bang Theory // Film score
Microtones // Reggae rock
Swallowtail // Celtic folk
Crispin Campbell Quartet // Jazz, Classical
Mark Lavengood // Bluegrass
North Carolines // Bluegrass
Robin Connell trio // Jazz
The Pocket // Funk
Turbo Pup // Alternative Folk
Younce Guitar Duo // Jazz
Zak Bunce // Alternative Pop
Zen Stew // Rock n Roll
DRooGS // Punk rock
True Falsettos // Texas Swing Big Bang
Tangled Mess // Rockabilly
GoodBoy // Folk pop
Saldaje // Alternative Folk Gypsy
Jill and Michael Denton // Folk
Hoop and Holler // Oldies
Jon Archambault // Blues rock
Matt Borghi // Ambient
Sweet Rhubarb // Folk