Sculpture Design: Andy Thomas  Photo Credit: Sheen Watkins


To All the 2019
Leelanau UnCaged Volunteers!

I wish to sincerely thank you for your part in supporting the most dynamic and widely attended festival in Leelanau Countyís history, Leelanau UnCaged! You made this happen! Thank you.

Congratulations to the scores of volunteers who rolled up their sleeves to assist in early morning setup and late night breakdown of: center stage, the flags and bird lines, putting chairs and tables in place (not a light task), plus building and painting props and signs and hoisting them into place. 

We would not be near the size or the fun without you. It all went up and came down smoothly. It is a big job.

Over the winter we will explore an easier system of a lighter hinged, decorative panels and flags that attach to those and to the easels. Joey Thomas has suggested clips of some sort that we can snap intoÖanything to streamline it. We are always open to suggestions! 

I would like to mention as many volunteer names as possible! Letís start with Andy Thomasís early morning workers; Helen and Gordon MacKenzie, Betsy and Kris Ernst, Chris and John Woomer, Ty Wessel, Brett from Lake Leelanau, Tom Page from Suttons Bay, Joey Thomas, Kirk and Jamie OíGreen, Fred Budd, Tom Shaver and Jerald Bell.

Getting information out by placing signs beforehand, attending the Information booth and helping at stage made our visitorís experience enjoyable and easy. Special thanks to Melanie Rogers, Wendy Kilgren, Michelle Peterson,
Elizabeth Conger, Peter Vandusen, Jane Les, Don Les, Janet Popper, Steven Popper, Nancy Didrichsons, Debbie and Les Disch, Crisann Breed, Ray Leenhouts, Cathy Fenlon, Norm Wheeler and Patrick Niemisto.

The Barrier Greeters remained at their posts while others continued the fun, we so appreciate you! Susan Vaglia, David Lightner, Fred Budd, Gary Brown, Steve Zinger, Joan Kalchik TenBrock, Renee Milliken, Sheri Sutherland, Anne Harper, John Putman, Helen Bradley, Phil and (thanks for the photos too Phil), Patricia McGee, Peter Vandusen, Denise Branch, Rick Cross, Nancy Fitzgerald, Judy Warren, Harry Biller, Linda Coppard, Jim Scherrer, Becky Holton, Nancy Didrichsons, Greg Nobles, Jenny Barley, Jane Packard, Scott Cain, Fred Steffens, Lydia Woodruff, Dan Nedow, Luke Lambdin, Barb Charpentier, and Georgienne Hammer.

Then there are the volunteers who helped by housing out-of-town bands. Thank you, Campbell McLeod, Yvonne Nordstrand, and Debbie and Les Disch.

Will Parker and Rachel Dean have for the past three years offered the front of their yard as the Mill Street Stage. The Mill Street and Waukazoo stages offer the best Rock N Rollin and do they rock! Indoor venues were donated by the Willowbrook Millís Mimi DeFrancesca and Joel Heberlein and Eric Allchin. Ericís space at The Union was the newest indoor venue this year. The smaller inside venues offer a perfect setting for smaller bands and performances. Thank you!

A special shout out to Lynelle Wilcox for organizing Emcees and to Megan Ernst who managed the Web site and facebook page until this year. Thanks also to Gloria Thomas for her tedious detective work to find the Domain Name server registration information in order to transfer and rebuild the new Web site. Great job!! Phew!

The WNMC Radio Staff broadcast live all day allowing those who could not attend an opportunity to listen to music and conversations. Tim Sparling saved the day by donating his cat5 cable in order to connect the broadcast to the Willowbrook Mill router. Thank you Mimi and Joel for the use of your Internet connection!

We are grateful for the community services that support the festival, the Fire Department, Emergency Services, The Leelanau County Sheriff department, Mike Borkovich and his staff who were on hand in case we needed them.

In addition, we want to thank the Northport Arts Association for being the organization that believes in our mission and supports our efforts by being the Nonprofit organization that has adopted the Leelanau UnCaged event.

Our core committee is a standout and I wish to give them each a shout out.
Thank you to:

Andy Thomas had the inspiration for Leelanau Uncaged years ago and is considered the founder. He is always working toward improving the festival. This year he and his volunteers built new props and spruced up the old ones, creating what we call the streetscape. In the days before UnCaged Andy and others worked for hours on end using the Thomas & Millikenís pole barn to build and paint, including this yearís big hit; the freestanding UnCaged street letters. Andy is a great support system for the team!

Ann Marie Mitchell wears so many volunteer hats itís hard to keep track. Everything Ann Marie touches makes a marked difference to the festival including organizing the info tent to gathering sponsorships, plus organizing sponsorship signage for the stages that are applied by Andy Thomas and his crew.

Trish Vandusen is organized and thoughtful. Her management of food vendors, their placement throughout the festival, her coordination of all the finances of UnCaged, and her help with sponsors are key to our success.

Susan Ager manages marketing, including posters, advertisements, press releases and news coverage. She also solicits donations from street merchants and is the UnCaged liaison with them. Susan is enthusiastic and ever ready to talk about UnCaged!

The art vendors were headed up by Patty Canfield and her assistant for the day, Cynthia Jackson. Patty reports that she continue to get accolades about the exceptional sales figures of the day. Organizing many artists into neighborhoods and categories is a challenge and each year Patty simply says, ĎBring it on!

A heartfelt thanks to Larry Coppard and his team Ty Wessel, and Tom Shaver who took excellent care of our sanitation with porta potties and hand washing kiosks. Larry continues to make UnCaged a zero-waste event with more and better recycling stations.

Joanne Cook and Maria Elena Gasparai who were key to organizing and performing the Water Blessing, it is a very special and meaningful way for us to open the festival. 

Our streets were ready and the barricades in place early because of the efforts of Chris Holton and the DPW team (Dave Tompkins, Steve Gregory and Kent Holton) Roads were closed and reopened smoothly and on time!

Kids UnCaged was headed out by Art Teacher Jenny Evans. Her team of young art students added a flavor of fun and adventure to the day. Her student team members were: Emily Reynolds, Lindsey Somero (double shift) Brooke Duffiney (double shift) Hayden Gregg (double shift), Owen Stevens, Joshua Somero, Laura Christianson, Logan Adams, Austin Agosa, Henry Stanton, and Lyndsay Collins. Keeping our children engaged was the goal and it was achieved with a great variety of activities.

Finally the music committee headed up by George Powell deserves a huge applause. The committee included Jonah Powell, who was the sound engineer on the Mill Street Stage and Kent Holton the sound engineer on the Waukazoo Stage. Other music committee members were Patrick Niemisto and Joe Bottenhorn, all were committed to selecting over 30 performers and musicians that were diverse and exciting. George also designed the maps and final music schedules.

Other Volunteers who did a variety of tasks were: Percy Danielle, John Putman, Jerry Schatz, Nance Schuman, Tom and Martha Shaver, Don and Shari Shaw, Rick Snede, Mike Stoffel, Linda Szarkowski and Joan and Mike Tenbrock. Tom and Kim Todd, John Fletcher, Nellie Danke and Darin Irvine!

If I did not mention your name, I apologize, and please let me know so I can make public amends! You all count and made a difference. We owe our success to our volunteers and sponsors who support this annual dream that, for just one magical day, becomes a reality.

Now for more fun! We will be announcing the Afterglow party date soon. It will be in early November.

Thank you again for all your help, and hope to see you again next year.

Sandy Dhuyvetter,
Leelanau UnCaged Director


Thank you Everyone for an amazing
2019 Leelanau UnCaged

See you
again next year!

September 26, 2020


copyright LeelanauUnCaged 2019