Spiritual Arts

Opening Ceremony/Water Tribute

Time:  12:30PM 

Location: Northport Marina - Small Pavilion 

12:30    Andy Thomas - “Welcome to the 2016 Leelanau UnCaged Festival.”

                                     Philosophy of John Cage and original goals and purpose of festival.

12:35    Marie Elena Gaspari– will say a few words about the physical, emotional, and spiritual significance of water.


12:40     Joanne Cook, Eva Petoskey and Grand Traverse Tribe Members – Anishaabe Water Chant

                                         Together we will sing a traditional Anishaabe water chant. 

12:50      Reverend Phil Garrison - Trinity Church, United Church of Christ in Northport will offer a

                                    Water Blessing.

12:55     Indian Mission Church, Northport will offer music and words as a Water Blessing.         


 1:00     Marie Elena Gaspari-  Participatory:  Participants will be invited to walk over to the Marina beach and

                                     “Pour a Blessing” by filling a container with water and offering words, prayers, or a

                                       blessing for the water.


                                 OTHER EVENTS THROUGHOUT THE DAY

Tarot Card Reading


Time: 2:00 – 8:00PM     Marie Elena Gaspari  has practiced Tarot professionally for twenty–five years. Her corporate clientele in California included KGO TV, the San Francisco Symphony, the St. Francis Hotel, the Fairmont Hotel, and KPIX Radio and TV. She now lives in Northport, MI.
(231) 633-6321  mgaspari44@gmail.com
Find Marie at UnCaged!

Popeye Regatta

BUILD A POPEYE BOAT One last chance to build a boat for the Popeye Regatta. Jeremey and Mike Connolly will guide children building their own balsa wood boat from a kit provided by the Northport Building Supply with a choice of materials for the sails. All sailors are required to use the boat from our kits. Regatta starts at 3pm

All hands on deck at 3pm for the Popeye Regatta! Using only the kits provided by Northport Building Supply, bring your new sailboat to the grassy knoll just behind Mitten Brewing Company. With crowds cheering, sailboats will float down the cus-tom ‘rain gutter’ waterway. Sailors fill their lungs and huff and puff into the sails as they race. Prizes and fun for all!













4:00 - 4:45;  HULA HOOP HAPPENING CENTER STAGE Jeanette Egeler, owner of Northport Fitness, a personal trainer and group fitness instructor who has done numerous workshops with children, will teach children rhythmic movement games and tricks with hula hoops.






     Literary Arts

Northport Poets & Writers Group


New Chairperson: Larry Heitman(231) 866 – 0645 Cell     (231)866 – 4115 Hm.    Heitman313@gmail.com                

10am – 4pm    Poetry In The Trees Location: Trees along Nagonaba St. and Waukazoo St.

                            Everyone welcome to bring poems, drawings, etc., to be hung in trees


1:30pm – 2:15pm   Poetry & Prose In The Round   Prose & Poetry Readings. Open to all.

                                     Location: Leelanau Township Library


12– 5pm    Living Poetry Wandering Poets, reciting poems. Larry Heitman, Kim Tompkins.


10am – 5pm   Interactive Installation   “The Poet Tree” - This 4’ tall stuffed tree on wheels will be moved to  

                            different locations throughout the festival.  Participants are encouraged to offer drawings, poems,  

                            songs, or prose at this installation.



Dance Stage


3:30 – 4:00pm   Grand Traverse Bay Tribe Dance & Drumming Location: Nagonaba St.   


6:30 -7:30pm    Belly Dancing – Crystal Bindi Studios    There are 15-20 dancers in the troupe.  

                        Troupe Performances, Solo Performances, Audience Participation