Leelanau UnCaged

I want to donate to UnCaged 2017!


The 5th annual Leelanau UnCaged street festival in Northport falls on the final Saturday of September. That’s September 30, 2017, from noon until 10 p.m.

As last year, we are seeking donors and supporters to help us attract the kind of talent that sets our event apart, and to take care of our visitors with sufficient tents, chairs, recycling bins, etc.

“What do I get for my money?” Here’s the answer:

Donors of $2,000 or more will be a Stage sponsor. Your logo will be displayed on one stage, named on radio spots, thanked in newspaper stories and interviews, as well as on Facebook and our website, www.leelanauuncaged.com, and posted prominently on the street.

Donors of $1,000 or more will Share-a-Stage, with similar expressions of gratitude.

Donors of $500 or more will be Performance sponsors. You will be listed on “Thank You” displays on the street, as well as on Facebook and our website, www.leelanauuncaged.com

Donors of $50 or more will receive a standard event poster, labeled “supporter,” for display.

Donors of anything at all will receive our eternal gratitude and the satisfaction of contributing to one of the Grand Traverse region’s most popular events.

Your contribution is tax-deductible, since we are part of the Northport ARTS Association, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit.

Make your check payable to the Northport ARTS Association, and mail to PO Box 181, Northport MI 49670. Please include Leelanau UnCaged in the memo line.


For more information please contact

Susan Ager, 231-386-7598 or

Ann Marie Mitchell, 231-642-5454.