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Leelanau UnCaged Street Festival September 24, 2016

Artist/Vendor Registration Form

Due by August 12th, 2016 

Artist/Vendor Name (Please type or print legibly) _________________________________________________   

Business Name (List your company name as you want to be listed on our Facebook and Leelanau UnCaged website)


Address: ______________________________________City_____________________Zip:   _________ 

Daytime Phone: ____________________   Evening Phone: ____________________________________ 

Email: ______________________________ Website: _________________________________________

Facebook Page: _______________________________ Twitter: _________________________________ 

Instagram:_____________________________   Other:_________________________________________


Can we promote you on social media? If yes, please indicate which media’s you want used:

Facebook___ Website ___ Instragram___ Twitter ___


Description/ medium of art/ products you will be selling: ______________________________________________________________________________________




Do you intend to tear down prior to 10 P.M.  Yes ______  No ________ Not Sure_________

(Please plan to stay until at least 7 pm if you are leaving before the 10 pm closing).




$50.00 per 10’ X10’ uncovered space**: ________. (*NAA members @ $45)

  1. Are you bringing your own tent for the uncovered space? Yes____ No_____

*You are required to provide you own tables, chairs, tents, lighting, and moving equipt.to get to/from booth area on street.




$75.00 per 10’ x 10’ COVERED space**:__________. (*NAA Members @ $70)

            *Covered spaces will be inside a large tent that will only have utility lighting provided after 7:35 pm sunset.

                You will be responsible for providing your own lighting and power source. No hook ups will be available.


NOTE: The street scape for the bands, artist booths and food vendors will be expanded & arranged differently this year.

Booths will extend to the Willowbrook Mill where additional entertainment venues and events will take place.


Booth locations will be assigned, based on the date completed registration form & full payment is received.

You will receive confirmation of your assigned booth # and location by September 10th, 2016.

No refunds for booth cancellations will be issued after that time.




Leelanau UnCaged Street Festival September 24, 2016 


Payment Instructions:  

Please make checks payable to: Northport Arts Association 

(Please note “Leelanau UnCaged 2016” in subject line) 


Mail checks and completed registration form to:


Creekside Cuppa at Willowbrook Mill

201 Mill Street PO Box 719

Northport, Michigan 49670

Attention: Mimi – Leelanau UnCaged 2016 


Hand deliver check and completed Registration Form to: 

Mimi Heberlein, Creekside Cuppa at Willowbrook Mill (see address above). 


Direct any Booth Space Questions to:

Patty Canfield:   PattyTCanfield@gmail.com





Office Use Only:

Date paid:_______ Check #:__________ Official Signature _______