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Stage Sponsors
Northport Pub & Grill
Tom's Food Market
Yard and Lake
Easling Construction
Joel & Linda Zylstra
Wolf Robe Foundation
The Find North
Willowbrook Mill
The Union
Waukazoo Tees
Northport Building Supply
New Bohemian Café


Performance Sponsors

Philip S. Harper Foundation

Thomas-Kincaid Family

Access Title Agency

The Mitten Brewing Company

Tom Swift

Gino & Peggy Miller

Gloria & Andy Thomas

Jessie Zevalkink

Fischer's Happy Hour

Mimi Heberlein

Enjoy Michigan
The Porcupine

Bonek Insurance Agency
Omena Bay Country Store
Bill & Susan Krusel
Sunrise Landing Motel
Dan Tompkins
Peninsula Perennial Nursery
Mike & Cindy Kittenforf
Ruth Butler Arents
Rose Arnold
Huntington Bank
Barb McCan
Spork Tile Art
Kent VanEmst
Northport Fitness
Doug & Sharon Finton
Deborah Ebbers
Kirk & Barbara Richards
David Brandenburg
Deep & Corner Store
Dog Ears Books
Dolls &
Pennington Collection
North Country Kitchen &
Big Hot Woody
Northport Trading Post

Gene & Kathy Garthe
Andrew Neal & Holly Harrison
Mitchell Family
Dan Toole &
 Beth Verhey
Ty & Kathy Wessell
Fingers Crossed

Baia Estates
Karen Cross

Thank you all, 
eelanau UnCaged 

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