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About UnCaged

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

Leelanau UnCaged is inspired by John Cage, the American composer and philosopher, whose interpretation of rhythm and music was original in every way. He famously said, "Get yourselves out of whatever cage you find yourself in."

Leelanau UnCaged, approaching its 10th year, is a day to celebrate and stimulate the senses! We hope you come and enjoy.

This event is brought to you by local volunteers who care very much for this county and are proud of the talents and resources the people, the land and water provide.

We could not do this without the many who give countless hours preparing for this wondrous day. Please take a moment during the festivities to thank a volunteer or two.

There is no admission charge for the festival. It is paid for by donations from merchants, foundations and individuals. If you would like to become an UnCaged Sponsor, click the donate button or send a check to:

Leelanau UnCaged
P. O. Box 181
Northport, MI 49670

Your dollars are tax deductible, will help with expenses, and allow us to give you a day to remember. We'll also list your name and/or business logo on our sponsorship page, which is pretty cool. 

Thank you!

See you at the 10th annual Leelanau UnCaged, Saturday, September 28, 2024!
-The Leelanau UnCaged Crew

Board of Directors

President & Founder Andy Thomas

Vice President Jonah Powell

Secretary Susan Ager

Treasurer Trish VanDusen

Board Members George Powell, Karen Cross, Scott Cain, Brian Hafner, Ann Marie Mitchell


Organizing Committees

Music - Sandy Dhuyvetter, George Powell, Jonah Powell, Tim Sparling & Pat Niemeskal

Art Vendors - Janet Hethorn

Dance - Karen Cross, Lisa Hawkins, Denise Sica & Veronica Wurm

Kids’ Activities - Jenny Evans

Water Blessing - Marie Elena Gasparie

Food Vendors - Brian Hafner

Environmental - Ty Wessell

Sponsors & Volunteers - Ann Marie Mitchell

Business - Trish VanDusen

Marketing - Susan Ager

Operations - Scott Cain

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