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Non-Profit Vendors

Leelanau UnCaged is delighted to support other non-profits who wish to dispense information about their organization. There is no booth fee, and the organization must provide their tent and setup. Space is limited and Leelanau UnCaged will determine if the non-profit mission is compatible with the UnCaged mission.

Contact to reserve a space.

Booth Details

  • Booth spaces are 10 x 10 and chalked off on the street by neighborhoods

  • Booths must be attended from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm

  • Vendors must provide their own setup and tear down labor and equipment

  • Set up begins at 9:00 am

  • No power or WIFI is provided

  • Cell service is generally good throughout the village but cannot be guaranteed

Other Information

There is no use of the name “Leelanau UnCaged” on any merchandise for sale.

Parking loading and unloading. A special handicapped lot is available near the action. The street crew can direct you. Otherwise, parking lots include Northport School, the marina, and churches; there’s also parking along the village streets.

You are expected to clean up your site thoroughly after the festival. This includes compost, recyclables, paper, cigarette butts, can tabs, and all concession materials. We suggest you bring a leaf rake. Your cooperation in cleaning up your spot will be evaluated and will be a consideration for future involvement. Recycling cardboard, glass, plastic, and metal is mandatory. The recycling coordinator will stop by with instructions and answer any questions.

Leelanau UnCaged is proud to partner with Bay Area Recycling (BARC) for recycle and waste pickup throughout the festival. The placement of super-sized containers is in a centrally located parking lot. If you do not dispose of your waste in the BARC containers you are required to take your waste with you.

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