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Let's Get You UnCaged!



Once your application is reviewed and accepted, we will notify you about finalizing your 10x10 booth space and payment of $100. 

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Please provide Benzie/Leelanau County Health Dept. with proof of insurance and file for an “Intent to Operate” or a “one day event” permit prior to the festival date.   

I agree to comply with all county health department, fire department and Leelanau UnCaged rules and release and hold harmless Leelanau UnCaged and its volunteers from all claims, or action, which may hereafter occur by reason of any damage, loss or injury which may be sustained by the vendor in consequences of being allowed to participate in the 8th Annual Leelanau UnCaged Festival.  


There will be no assistance available and food vendors must have the ability to transport to and from street position. 

Please work with OUR PARTNERS At  Bay Area Recycling for Charities (BARC)

The Festival is continuing to work towards our goal of “ ZERO WASTE”, Food vendors are asked to use all compostable products. These items can be ordered  through Bay Area Recycling for Charities,  contact Jordon at

We have included a force majeure provision:  

A force majeure provision in a contract frees both parties from obligation if an extraordinary event directly prevents one or both parties from performing. 

The Parties hereby acknowledge that while current public health viral events are known, future impacts of an outbreak are unforeseeable and shall be considered a Force Majeure Event to the extent that they prevent the performance of a Party's obligations under this agreement. 

Food Vender Registraton

Thanks for submitting, we'll be in touch!

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