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Leelanau UnCaged is and will always be free to the public. The festival is free because it is entirely a volunteer-run event that includes student volunteers from Northport Public School and Northwest Michigan College during the festival.  Our board members and organizing volunteers donate their time year-round. There are pre-festival and post-festival volunteers, seasoned safety volunteers, festival ambassadors and more. A volunteer shift is typically 2 to 3 hours long. Seasoned volunteers are typically asked to work the early morning shifts at the Barricades.


The evening shifts are the most difficult for us to fill. When applying, please be as flexible as you can, and let us know if you have any physical/mobility issues. We hope you will consider joining the UnCaged Street Crew!

Apply to Volunteer at UnCaged

Thank you for offering to volunteer—you are the best part of Leelanau UnCaged. We will be in touch with you late summer to confirm your assignment!

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